January 13, 2019

All good things..

Cypress Scents has been in business for 8 years now. It has been a glorious 8 years and we have quite the following and are in 15 retail locations. I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. It’s my life and I LOVE it!

With that said, in all of these years in business, I have never raised my prices. However, on the production end, my supply costs have gone up (a LOT) and shipping to me has gone up. I have just eaten those costs until now.

As you know, we sell goat milk soap. In order to supply Cypress Scents with goat milk, we also help support our farm (Cypress Farms) and our home with the money from Cypress Scents. Feed cost have gone up and up and hay has gone up.

What this all means is that it is time to raise the prices. I hate it and I have struggled with doing it for a long time but I can no longer put it off. What this also means is that I can continue to provide my customers with top notch products. I can continue to use the highest quality ingredients and not skimp on them. You will continue to get the same quality of products that you always have. I have some new ideas for 2019 and am excited to present them to you when the time is right. I think you will love them too!

I will leave you with a picture of our newest members of the farm. Their names are Jackson and Owen (my daughter wants the Grey’s Anatomy theme). I have 2 more does that are due tomorrow. Keep an eye on Cypress Scents on Facebook for pictures of new baby goats when we get them!

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