February 8, 2016 Bubble Bars

Bubble Bars

I have always loved bubble bars! they create wonderful bubbles in your tub and they keep regenerating when they splash. I have never *successfully* created them though. I keep trying, but never successful.

This time was no exception. You know what they say though…it’s all about the lemon aide that you can create, you know.

I mixed my dough…everything going good!


Inserted the colors and rolled it out. Still going good!



Rolled it into my log. This part is usually fun!


At this time, you should be able to cut into nice 1″ pieces of ‘cookie’. This is where it all started going wrong. They are supposed to be nice flat round pieces. Bubble bar








Did the best I could to shape them into the shapes they are supposed to be.



As time went on, they kept expanding…and expanding and expanding. I wasn’t sure what to expect for their future. They reminded me if sugar cookies. I kept waiting on them to harden like they were supposed to but they just didn’t. I covered them and went about my business for a couple of days. They didn’t harden. In fact, they were a lovely moist doughy consistency. I actually loved it!!  They created an amazing amount of bubbles in the sink!  So, what did I do??


Put it into a jar and am selling the Bubble Dough with a bar of soap as a Valentine’s Day gift pack for children! I’m so exited. I wish I could replicate it! *Available for $12 for local pick up only!*

Bubble Dough


*note* pictures will generally be much better in my blog posts.

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