August 17, 2017 bath bomb

Why does Cypress Scents use Polysorbate 80 in products?

What is Polysorbate 80?

In short, Polysorbate 80 is an emulsifier. It is many other things, but we use it as an emulsifier.

What is an emulsifier?

An emulsifier is something that, when added to 2 liquids that don’t normally blend together very well, attaches to the molecules and causes the liquids to stick together. That’s my unscientific version of what it is. It’s accuracy is on the iffy side!  I did, however, find a perfect video  to show you exactly what it does!

Now that you have been properly bored to tears by the science, what does that mean for our products? A few of them, including Bubble Cakes and, bath bombs, contain Polysorbate 80 so that the oils don’t gather up all of the color and float to the top of your bath water. The oils (that are fantastic for your skin) will stay down in the bath water and have a chance to absorb in your skin. The color will stay down in the water and turn your water a brilliant shade of whatever color the product is.

This makes it safer for you because you will not slip on the oil that is left on the side of your tub. It is also much much neater because when you pull the plug, all of that oil and color just goes down the drain and doesn’t coat the sides of your pipes either! Win win! Here, let me show you a video of what it looks like when Polysorbate 80 is NOT present in our products!

There are 2 bath bombs in this water. One has the proper amount of Polysorbate 80 in it, and the other barely has any. You can see that the one that has the proper amount in it has colored the water. The one that doesn’t, the oil has all floated to the top with the color. See for yourself!

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