January 29, 2019

Facial Bar

I wrote this facebook post 3 years ago. All of the information is still true. This bar is absolutely amazing. You MUST try it!

activated charcoal salt soap

I am not supposed to be making any kind of claims in my business and I try not to for the most part, but I have to scream from the rooftops about this soap!

My 12 year old daughter suffered from acne. It, for the most part, was controlled by that high priced subscription based acne control wash. We ran out of that, and she asked me for some soap to wash her face. I gave her this bar and told her I would get her more of the other when I could. To be honest, I forgot about it. Several weeks have gone by and her face is WAY clearer than it has ever been. I asked her if she found more of that wash….nope, she has been using ONLY this soap on her face. Wow! I started using it on my face (hello adult acne) and I got out of the shower this morning and noted how clear my face was (using it about a week). I have had other customers tell me they have had similar experiences. When you get out of the shower, it helps also that your face doesn’t feel so tight and dry.

I spent a lot of time and thought in formulating this soap so that it has properties that will help acne. The essential oils have antiseptic properties, the activated charcoal helps to bring impurities to the surface and rid your face of them, and the salt holds valuable minerals. The butters help to moisturize.

Please take a look at this gem. I’m so proud of it!

Reviews from happy customers:

I am loving this soap! My old face wash left my face really dry and many time irritated even though it was “sensitive.” This soap has cleared up my breakouts, and my skin looks brighter! Plus my skin feels less and less dry the more I use it! ~Erin

This is the truly my secret weapon! I adore this soap and I order it as often as possible!!! I get horrible break outs on my legs and thighs and if I use this soap regularly they clear totally up. Nothing else has ever worked to do that! So happy I found this treasure!~Bobbie

I went from monthly breakouts to perfectly clear skin. This is by far the best facial bar I’ve ever used and I’ll never use anything else. So clean and so smooth. ~Kim

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