February 20, 2017 goats

Farm Life Goes On

I have been working 5-7 hours a day on the business side of Cypress Scents. I’m trying to learn about SEO, keywords, opt-ins, etc. A soap business is a LOT more than making fun soap all on top of farm life! Goodness.

It all came to a halt this past week though.  On Wednesday, my husband had surgery on his rotator cuff. Both of us have heard how hard of a surgery pain wise it was. I was sure he wouldn’t have too much trouble with that because he has a high pain tolerance, and I was right. He is handling it like a champ. He still can’t do much though. He has to spend 6 hours a day in a chair exercising his arm and when he is not in the chair, he can’t lift anything at all. He is a trooper though and everything is going fine.


We have hired my uncle to help with the electric in our barn just so we can get it done. It sure is nice hiring to have something done for once! I’m so grateful that my husband can do so much, but he is only one person with only so much time. My dad has been helping a lot and that has helped a TON but again, we are done one person due to Todd’s shoulder. My uncle is in grey and my dad is in blue. It is almost done and I’m SO excited!


Of course we had to go through another kink in the farm life…I went and got the flu. I am no longer doing much of anything. Yet, home life and farm life still goes on. Soap life has been put on hold.  Animals still get fed and so does my family. Thankfully, Todd can help with a lot of things. We are working together to get it all done.


I had 2 mama hens that were sharing a batch of eggs. They fought over them all the time. Sometimes all of the eggs were under one hen, sometimes under the other and sometimes under both. We finally had our first hatch yesterday. They are SO cute! I put the 4 chicks that hatched in another coop with one hen and the other will finish hatching the rest of the eggs. Maybe this will work after all!

broody chicken

We are just a few weeks away from our first 2017 baby goat born on the farm. We are so excited and are starting to prepare the space and the goats for it. Fresh goat milk again soon! My milking room will be ready by then too. Fun stuff!


Inola Drug Store is stocked up again. Cypress Scents is pretty darn popular up there! I love sending people up there to buy things. Inola Drug has some fabulous gift ideas. If you are local you should check it out.



In other news, we have a new soap called Love Spell. It is a blend of orange, berries, cherry blossom and jasmine. Great scent. Check it out!

Also, I have a very small few King Cake Soap’s available from a special order. Once they are gone, they are gone! Don’t miss out.

Mardi Gras

We hope that we are all better again here on the farm so that we can get back to work! Being sick and injured is just no fun! Stay well friends!


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  1. Sounds like you have a lot going on!! Some exciting news! Super happy for you 🙂 That flu crap is awful this year!!! It’s like a 48 state epidemic my Dr. Said. My hubby and I won the flu lottery and had two different strains over two months so bad! We are happy to be doing much better now! Hope you and your hubby heal up quickly!

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