July 6, 2017 Razzmatazz Goat Milk Soap

How long does Cypress Scents Goat Milk Soap last?

I get this question a lot! It’s a hard question to answer for sure because it is so subjective. It depends on SO much! Take a family that has 1 shower and 6 children. The soap is likely to only last a few days in that situation compared to a family that consists of 2 adults and a baby.

In OUR family, I wished Cypress Scents soap lasted a bit longer (funny, right?) but my husband is a habitual showerer. Is that a thing? Of course! On a slow, non working day, it’s a minimum of 2 showers. On a working day where he is very sweaty and hot, probably more like 3 or more. Ya’ll, he can’t help himself!  With that many showers, NO soap will last very long!

OR if you are like me and just LOVE your Cypress Scents soap that much, you get to the end of the rinsing part, make a huge sigh and decide it was just that good and do it all over again. Or your are just not ready to exit the shower and take on the world just yet. Either way…you use the soap twice in one shower.

The other consideration is how  you apply your soap. Do you use a wash cloth? They tend to last longer with those but they don’t later as well. What about a poof sponge? The lather is INCREDIBLE with those, but the soap doesn’t last as long. You can also apply directly to your body. This is how my husband does it, much to my dismay.

How to do I get my soap to last longer?

There ARE tricks that will help you get the most out of your bar! First off, do not ever let your soap sit in water. You need to let it dry out in between uses. If you don’t have a wire rack in your shower, consider purchasing a soap dish This is a great way way to help your soap to last longer! It will look beautiful in the shower or next to your sink.


soap dish

Another way for you to get the most out of your soap is to purchase a soap net. I didn’t ever think I would use one but man oh man is it ever good! You can use it in a few different ways. One way is to put your new bar of soap in it and then wet it to build up a lather and rub all over your body. Another way is to use your soap the way you normally do and then when it gets down to a tiny slither that you would normally throw away, you slip it into this net and you have a few more days of using it (this is how we do it). One way or the other, it is a fantastic product!
soap net

The other way that you can help your soap to last longer is to not give it to your toddler to use as a boat in the tub. Seriously…quickest way ever to loose a bar. I’m talking 1 use soap. That’s it. Melts right away.  If you are having a particularly bad day with said toddler, it might be worth it. Teenagers and 45 minute showers where they come out with dry hair is another way to loose a bar. Same concept.

The good thing is though, never, not from any customer, have I had a complaint about how long Cypress Scents soap lasts, so that’s good.  If you are a customer, how long does your soap usually last? Do you use a poof sponge? Wash Cloth? Let us know in the comment section!!

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