Our products are made in our home using the finest ingredients available. Our goal is to prove that even the most basic products like bath soap can be beautiful and stylish while serving the purpose of providing a fresh and clean bathing experience every time. We meticulously craft our unique soap and bath products in small hand-made batches to form them into beautiful works of art.


A Humble Business

Cypress Scents is a humble business that makes small batches of products. All of our soap in processed with the highest quality and freshest products available. Our body products contain all natural ingredients; they don’t contain surfactants, detergents, or words that you cannot pronounce.

A Treat for Your Skin

Cypress Scents products are a treat for your skin. We say ‘treat’ because we know that you have very little time to yourself.  From the moment you put our goat milk lotion on your skin, it is like a taking a little ‘vacation’; refreshing, invigorating and luxurious. When you use Cypress Scents soap, you may even smile a little when the luscious bubbles hit your skin and the gentle scent drifts into the air.

The Lovin’ Soap Project

We are proud to support the Lovin’ Soap Project. The Lovin’ Soap Project is a non-profit organization that empowers women and girls in developing countries by teaching them to make soap and products. By doing so, it enables them to improve their hygiene and make money for their families. The organization makes multiple trips a year to underdeveloped countries like India, Uganda, Tibet, Senegal and Haiti. Find out more at www.lovinsoapproject.org.