June 15, 2017 fresh and clean goat milk soap

How much goat milk is in our soap?

I get this question a lot. I have never really thought about it, honestly. My answer generally is “A lot”. Since I get this question, I figured I would do the math. Those that know me, now that math is not my strong suit so this took a lot for me to take this step. I’m not telling you my actual numbers, just in case I’m wrong. I didn’t even have to ask somebody this question! Wait, that’s wrong. I asked Google.

So, after doing the math all by myself with Google’s help, I can happily say that there is nearly 27% fresh goat milk in each bar of soap. That’s a lot ya’ll!! We all know that big company that shall not be named…it says that it is 1/4 moisturizing cream. Cypress Scents has even more than that! What Cypress Scents soap DOESN’T have is the detergents, additives and fillers. Detergents? Yes, you are right. MOST commercial soaps have detergent in them. They aren’t even a true soap! What?!?

So how do we get that goat milk?

From our farm of course! We wake up at the crack of dawn  bright and early whenever we want to, trudge out there and start putting them on the stand. They know the routine now and they come in in order and hop up there for their turn to be milked.

Goat Milk Soap

I used to hand milk but I have an arm injury and decided to invest in a milk machine. Best.decision.ever!!! It takes me about 20 minutes to roll them all through if I’m not in a hurry. I milk 4 girls right now.

Goat Milk Soap

When they are done milking, I try to rush them out the back door, back into their pasture. They have learned really quickly though that there are after milking treats to be had. 3 to be exact. Anybody that tells me goats can’t count has never given them 3 pretzels every day for a week and then accidentally give them 2. When they get their 3rd, they run out the back door. I have 2 that will run out the back door and then loop back around and come back in the front…hoping I didn’t catch the fact that they have already been milked. I’m smart though, I’ve never let them in twice. I’ve done that twice already. Hooked them up to the machine again and everything.

Goat Milk Soap

Please ignore our dirty window. It’s a farm…it happens.

Daisy (our spokes goat) is last to go. She looks in the window at each girl on the stand, then she acts like she wants nothing to do with it…very ‘you can’t catch me’ when it’s her turn. She runs in when you yell “DAISY, GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE.”  Sometimes, it’s not quite so PG because you know, while you are holding the door open for her, the other 7 goats are trying to run in. It’s NOT fun, but a game I play every single morning…at the crack of dawn.

Goat Milk Soap

I get over 2 gallons of fresh goat milk daily right now. Crazy right? What do I do with it all?  Well, of course I make Goat Milk Soap . I also sell my goat milk from my farm and my family drinks it. It’s a good thing b/c I’m getting a LOT right now!

Look at how we make the lotion here and how we make goat milk soap here….I tricked you! I haven’t done a how to blog post on how we make goat milk soap. Coming soon!!

So there it is. This big long blog post just to tell you that Cypress Scents Soap is 27% goat milk!

Read about the benefits of goat milk in soap here. It’s quite interesting!

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