February 3, 2017 stick blender

Like a broke in pair of jeans

We all have that one thing, like a pair of broke in jeans. That one thing that if you have 6 other options, you choose that one thing every time. That old broke in pair of jeans, that soft, worn t-shirt, that brush that makes your hair so soft. That one thing that just makes your day better.

Even soapers have that one thing in the soap room. Mine is this old stick blender, or emersion blender.  I have known my husband for 17.5 years now. This stick blender is older than that. It was in his house when I moved in, even though he insists that I brought it with me. I KNOW I didn’t. He had many things in there he didn’t know he had, I suspect this is one of them.  I used it a handful of times in the kitchen but not often. I started soaping and bingo! I had exactly what I needed. It was my sole stick blender for the first 3 years I soaped. I then got a Kitchen Aide to join it and still grabbed my Braun every time. The KA puts too much air into my batter, but I still use it when this one is dirty. A couple of months ago, I picked a cheapy up from Amazon and it has become a good 2nd blender. The KA has moved to 3rd.

Still…if Braun is clean, he gets used. He has the perfect power, no air bubbles, never overheats, although I try to remember to give him a rest sometimes so he doesn’t get too tired. He works for me, no matter what I ask of him. He fits in my hand just perfectly and always delivers the perfect speed for me. He doesn’t need multiple speed settings. He seems to know just what I need.  I know one day he will die. That will be a sad day, but for now, he will work for me every day, just the same as he did the first batch of soap we made together.

stick blender

What is that one thing that you have that is your always go to. The thing you always grab?

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