February 9, 2016 Welcome to the new Cypress Scents!

Welcome to the new Cypress Scents!

We have done a LOT of work in the last few months for this moment! We are so excited to present to you the new Cypress Scents website and blog. There are a lot of changes going on but the quality remains the same.

From now on, this website and blog are where the magic happens.  On this blog, I will post updates, behind the scenes peeks, and a LOT of blog posts about our farm (pictures of baby goats? YES please!)  You will also be able to be kept up to date on sales, promotions, and new releases.

What are some changes that you will see? First off, I don’t have ALL of my products listed…yet. If you are wanting to order a favorite and you don’t see what you want, please use the ‘contact us’ form. I will let you know if I have it in stock and I will fix you up. I will slowly but surely get everything added over the next several months.

You will also notice that I now have 2 different lines of soap: Goat Milk Soap that will primarily be unscented, or soap that is scented with essential oils. There will be an exception here and there, but they will all be made with goat milk.  There will also be a line called Artisan Soap. This will primarily be soap that is colorful (colored with mica’s) and use fragrance oils. You will easily be able to find what you want.


My website is very user friendly and should be easy enough to find what you are looking for. If you need help, shoot me an email!

You will notice that the shipping is now a flat rate $7. Shipping and shipping supplies have gone up in price and our new shipping policy reflects that.  BONUS! If your order is over $60, you will get completely free shipping! Speaking of shipping, there is now a local pick up option!


Something else that is new is my newsletter. You can sign up for it in the Contact Us section or at the bottom of the page. The newsletter will come out 1-2 times a month. When you sign up for it, you will receive exclusive sale notifications, product release notifications, give away’s and happy goat pictures straight to your email box. What more could you want?

Goat Milk Lotion


Here is where the fun comes in.  With EVERY order until Sunday, February 14th, you will receive a FREE bar of soap (my choosing and with the previous branding).  I am also doing a grand opening give away. I’m giving away a gift set that includes 2 bars of goat milk soap, our 3 lip balms and a 2 ounce bottle of goat milk lotion!  There are multiple ways to enter. In the comment section of this blog, please let me know which of these you have done and each one will get you an entry! If you are already signed up for our social media accounts, you get credit too, just let me know!

  • Sign up for our Newsletter
  • Follow Cypress Farms on Instagram
  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Share our website on your personal facebook page
  • ORDER!! For every $10 spent, you get one entry

That’s all there is to it! Multiple ways to win!

Gift Set-1









Let me know how you like the new look! We are very excited about it. Kudos go to Benjamin from Method Creation. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without him.

18 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Cypress Scents!

    1. Thank you co much! Malinda is coming out to see me on Saturday. If you find something you would like, and you live close to her, let us know and we can have her bring some to you.

  1. Ooh mama! I’m so excited for you, I LOVE your new website and blog. 🙂 I’ve shared it with friends and I signed up for the newsletter. I also liked ya on facebook, instagram, and pinterest. 🙂 Can’t wait to check out the products! I do wish the bubble dough wasn’t local pickup only though, B would LOVE it! Congrats on this grand adventure. 🙂

  2. It looks beautiful! I already liked you on Facebook so I signed up for the newsletter and I’m gonna share right away. Congratulations!!

  3. Looks great! So excited for you!

    I signed up for the newsletter
    I am following you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
    I shared the website in Facebook!
    And I just place an order! Can’t wait to get my products!

    I did have 2 problems with the site.
    1) I could only click to view my cart if I was adding a product. I added a few things and then browsed around. When I wanted to check out I could not find a “view your cart/checkout” link withou adding a product first. It may be because I am in my phone.
    2) when I was creating an account it told me my password was too weak and try again but I had a check mark. My password had upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols and is 11 characters long. Not sure why it thinks it’s too weak.

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