January 4, 2018 Soaping Room

Where the magic happens!

New years are a time for new beginnings I think. I always feel like I want to start new projects or clean my entire house right at the beginning of the year to start fresh.  My soaping space is no exception. Just before Christmas, my fabulous husband said “For Christmas, I want to put some peg board up and some shelves for you in your soap room.” Ok! I’m not going to stop you! So within hours, he had this set up for me.
Soaping Room

I instantly was in awe and so excited. He had been listening to exactly what my complaints were and what was causing me so many organizational problems.  This was the answer! I don’t have to dig for ingredients! They are all right there at my fingertips and in alphabetical order no less!

On the bottom shelf, I have my oils all in small containers. Way easier to handle for me. On the right side is my bath bomb ingredients in easy to access containers. No more moving bins to access the ones below it. I can’t wait to give the set up a try!


Here is where my product waits for you to purchase it! My shipping boxes are on the top row and my clean dishes are under that. Very easy to access! The table is where we label and such.

Soaping Room


Here is my sink. It is ALWAYS empty with no dirty dishes in it. Promise!!!

Soaping Room


My drying rack was an amazing addition to my soap room in 2017. It was a game changer on how I cured my soap!

Soaping Room


Love my barn doors that my husband installed last year, which do a great job at keeping my pets out of my soap room! If you look close, you can see one peeking in!

Soaping Room


These are my planning boards that are  not quite up to date right now because they were covered by another shelf. I will get them updated and work off of them this year! The rolling shelf has all of my molds, my oils, and my cutters on it. Everything that is wood on this shelf is something my husband built me. He is amazing!

Soaping Room


A very special thank you to my husband and my mom for helping me to reach my goals. I reached my 2017 goals with the help of my family and I know I will reach 2018 with their help too!

There you have it! A trip around my soap room! This is where the magic happens. I hope it gives somebody inspiration to set up in their own spaces. If you have any questions, let me know!

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